Sport, chiropractic and OMP® (Orthotic Mandibular Postural)

The athlete is considered as a complex psycho-physical entity, not divisible in the various muscle, joint and bone sectors.

The athlete’s chiropractic approach looks at the crucial relationship between the supporting structure of the body, the spine and the function coordinated by the nervous system.

Chiropractic does not foresee the treatment of a particular symptom, it rather aims at optimizing the overall health and – in the sportsman – at achieving the the athlete ‘s neuro-muscular potential.

.At the athlete’s well-being, corresponds a better ability to fully exploit his potential and to be more ready to adapt to the rhythms of trainings and competitions.

Chiropractic allows both amateur and professional athlete to prevent future harm, by making their body work in the best mental and physical balance, and by helping to halve the recovery time in injuries.

The cranio-cervical-mandibular dysfunction observed in athletes as a descending problem, affects their psycho-physical balance making them prone to various diseases such as tendonitis, strains, muscle and joint pains and damages to ligaments.

In the athlete under chiropractic therapy, the Orthotic Mandibular Postural (OMP) therapy produces the following results:

– increase in performances

– greater resistance

– improvement of coordination and endurance

– more complete recovery and shortened recovery time after an injury.

In our office, we have treated and are treating with great success, amateur and professional athletes and parathletes of all sports specialties.


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